Garments & Readymade Entrepreneurs Alliance Tirupur

Garments & Readymade Entrepreneurs Alliance Tirupur is a non-profitable organization formed by likeminded entrepreneurs for the mutual benefit of all domestic manufacturers. Many will not know the volume of share by domestic manufacturers in Tirupur. We are nearly contributing 25000 crores to Tirupur’s business which is almost equal to the export business in the city.

Our motive is to bring all the domestic manufacturers under this umbrella so that all the required information is share within our self.This is done without competitive thought and on the principle of UNITY IS STRENGTH.

Latest News

  • 18November

    Coverage of ESI Scheme to the entire area of Coimbatore District -reg

  • 25November

    Machinery Expo 2022 at Ernakulam from 23rd January 2022 to 26th January 2022- regd


Blacklist is a list of persons or companies who are engage in unfavorable or unethical activity to the trade. They might have been doing business with one company and jump to another one leaving heavy dues to the earlier company. This could be intentionally done which will result in loss to the manufacturers. Inorder to safeguard the members from such future occurrences, we create a blacklist. The list is prepared based on the written complaint by the affected party against the default party. This list is only to alert the manufacturers about the defaulters and not for any legal actions.

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